Kontinent – In search of Europe

Over the agency’s 30-year history, the OSTKREUZ photographers have often taken a stand on contemporary social and political issues. In their current exhibition, which the 23 members of OSTKREUZ see as a declaration of love for Europe, the collective examines the continent’s present. Personal, social and political aspects of togetherness in Europe are taken into account from a perspective that is constantly critical while remaining empathetic. Questions of identity, security, migration and integration as well as humanism, democracy and freedom of opinion are examined. The focus of the artistic and photographic positions is mostly on images of people and their surroundings. As a contemporary statement at Akademie der Künste at Pariser Platz, the exhibition provides impetus for the current debate on the future of Europe and asks: “How will our continent and the way its people live together evolve?” 

“Continent” was created in collaboration with the Academy of Arts Berlin (AdK) and curator Ingo Taubhorn and pemiered in 2020 as the main exhibition of the European Month of Photography (EMOP) at the AdK.
It is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue published by Hartmann Books as well as by a podcast series.

Media coverage

As different as the Ostkreuz photographers and their subjects are, their approach is firmly rooted in humanism – they are always concerned with people. With individuals. Their pictures strive to uncover dignity, tell of respect, of closeness and familiarity.

The photographs take their viewers on a journey to the European borders. To the fringes of the continent and of society, then back into the midst of life and togetherness. They tell of conflicts, question identity, highlight people in their environment, document idylls, protest and terror.

Hartmann Books
ISBN 978-3-96070-054-8
448 pages
approx. 200 images
Published by: OSTKREUZ– Agentur der Fotografen and
Ingo Taubhorn in collaboration with Academy of Arts (AdK), Berlin
Texts by Johannes Odenthal, Falk Richter, Ingo Taubhorn, Thomas Winkler and OSTKREUZ
Design: Neue Gestaltung, Berlin
Embossed linen

Installation views

Foyer in the Academy of Arts (AdK), Pariser Platz, Berlin

Jörg Brüggemann, EUROVISION

Anne Schönharting, The legacy

Tobias Kruse, Jaywick

Dawin Meckel, The Wall

Linn Schröder, Not Again, Grandma, Mom

Ina Schoenenburg, Zwiazki

Harald Hauswald, Railroad Ticket – Tracking the Orient Express

Frank Schinski, The right attitude

Heinrich Völkel, No Easy Way Out

Mila Teshaieva, Unfamiliar Memories

Annette Hauschild, The helpers

Ute Mahler und Werner Mahler, On the rivers

Heinrich Holtgreve, For Unto Every One That Hath Shall Be Given

Annette Hauschild and Maurice Weiss, Paris after the terrorist attacks 2015

Sibylle Bergemann, Paris

Sebastian Wells, La Rada di Augusta

Johanna-Maria Fritz, The Most Powerful Witch of Europe

Jordis Antonia Schlösser, The Unexpected Generation – New Jewish Life in Eastern Europe

Sibylle Fendt, Holzbachtal, nothing, nothing

Espen Eichhöfer, Papa, Gerd and the northman

Thomas Meyer, Territory

Stephanie Steinkopf, Virpi

Maurice Weiss, Si jamais ils reviennent



21 positions
452 photographs
varying formats and means of presentation, 1 book installation with projection


Upon request, individual positions of this exhibition can be rented out individually


An exhibition by OSTKREUZ and Academy of Arts (AdK) Berlin, 2020, curated by Ingo Taubhorn

Exhibition history

Academy of Arts (AdK), Berlin
10/2/2020 – 4/18/2021 Kunsthalle Erfurt 10/24/2021 – 1/21/2022 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation, Eschborn
2/10/2022 – 6/12/2022

Kathrin Kohle
Exhibition Management