Europe without borders

In Europe, we tend to take open borders for granted. However, these days it is becoming clear how fragile and endangered this freedom is. For we increasingly seem to be losing the social consensus we take for granted, based on human rights, democratic ways of life and cultural diversity.

Mila Teshaieva, Heinrich Voelkel, Maurice Weiss and Sebastian Wells tackle these complex conflicts with their works. In these, they address both the present, such as the war in Ukraine and the Corona pandemic, and Europe’s past.

They not only explore questions of identity, security, and the environment, but also how wars and conflicts have inscribed themselves in our biographies and in the identity of entire countries, and how they still do so today.

Mila Teshaieva is featured in this exhibition with her work “A Ukrainian Diary” (2022), realized during the first months of the war in Ukraine.

Media coverage

“War and borders shape the present. The exhibition ‘Europe without borders’ focuses on past and current European conflicts.˝

„Photos of Ukraine war, border controls in gripping exhibition. ‘Ukrainian Diary’ stands out for its heartrending documentary of the early days of the war on Ukraine.u0022

Installation views

Heinrich Voelkel, No Easy Way Out

Sebastian Wells, La Rada di Augusta / Mila Teshaieva, Unfamiliar Memory

Maurice Weiss, Si jamais ils reviennent

Mila Teshaieva, Unfamiliar Memory

Mila Teshaieva, A Ukrainian diary, 2022



5 projects
44 images
1 installation (a book and a projection)
varying formats and means of presentation


Conceived by OSTKREUZ in 2022 for Abtei Neumünster, Luxembourg.
An exhibition in cooperation with the Institut Pierre Werner, Luxembourg

Exhibition history

Abtei Neumünster, Luxembourg,
July 1st – August 28th, 2022


Kathrin Kohle
Exhibition Management