City, Country, Work

With “Stadt, Land, Arbeit” (City, Country, Work), the exhibition weaves a topical net in which ten photographic positions by OSTKREUZ photographers are located.

The images depict everyday life and work, industry, nature, and companies. They are photographs taken both in the city and in the countryside, in outlying districts and in industrial wastelands. What all the works share is that people are the focal point. Taken as a whole, the photographs reflect social change and the transformation processes underlying it, to which the city, the countryside and work are always and inevitably subjected.

Installation views

Frank Schinski, Ist doch so

Ute Mahler und Werner Mahler, Monalisen der Vorstädte

Ina Schoenenburg, Narrow paths (Schmale Pfade)

Harald Hauswald, Everyday life

Stephanie Steinkopf, Manhattan

Mila Teshaieva, I am always free (Ich bin immer frei)

Jordis-Antonia Schlösser, Halle-Neustadt



10 projects
128 images
1 projection
varying formats and means of presentation


Conceived and curated by OSTKREUZ in 2020 as the inaugural exhibition for Speicher Gramzow.


Exhibition history

Speicher ART at Speicher Gramzow, May 1st – August 1st, 2021

Kathrin Kohle
Exhibition Management